About Me

20140215_205818Welcome to Baking and Eggs!  This blog was hatched (pun intended) as a result of an empty nest and my feelings of trepidation about what lie ahead.  I thought it might be time to reinvent myself in preparation for this next dubious chapter of my life.   While I was pondering all the possibilities of how I would fill my time, I found myself pursuing the same hobbies and interests that I’ve pursued all my life, but with an unexpected, renewed passion.  I am a third generation baker, a cookie artist, a Certified Master Gardener and a lepidopterist (studying, rearing and photographing caterpillars and butterflies indigenous to Southeast Texas).  Baking is my passion, my therapy, and my heart.

In my former life prior to a husband and children, I was a city girl living in a brownstone in downtown Philadelphia in the theater district and working as a Marketing Representative for a Fortune 500 company.  Fast forward 25 years.  After my last child left for college, I needed something to nurture.  I decided to fill my empty nest with four baby chicks who would grow up and provide fresh, organic eggs that I would use in my baking.    I never would have dreamed that these four lovely ladies (Daphe, Etta, Pearl and Ella) would steal my heart!  I smile every time I go into the yard.  I am fascinated with their antics, their very distinct personalities, their eggs, their behavior, their beauty … okay, maybe obsessed?

When my last child flew the proverbial nest, I lost my footing.  I felt the earth tilt.  While most of my friends were celebrating the accomplishment of having raised and prepared their child to go off to college, I quietly mourned the fact that I was not ready to give up my role as nurturer.  And then came those four sweet, beautiful, peaceful birds who managed to fill some of that nurturing void.  With every egg I collect, I am thankful that these precious girls became a part of my life and, consequently, my baking – which makes them part of my heart and soul too.   Life is sweet again…literally and figuratively.  I hope you will enjoy visiting “the girls” and me.  I hope that I might brighten your day with a photo or a story about baking and chickens.  I hope that you might learn from me.  I hope that you will be inspired to live your best life too.  If you’ll lend me your ear, I’ll give you my heart.♥

My best always,

Cindy and Girls