Rolled Cookies – Ready, Set, Roll!

Rolled Cookies – Ready, Set, Roll!

Whether you are making drop cookies, shaped cookies, or rolled cookies, exact measuring and uniformity in cookie size is critical to successful baking. Many people don’t like to roll cookie dough because they struggle with getting the cookies the same thickness.  If your cookies are all uniform in size and thickness, they will have a more professional appearance and they will all bake evenly.  To achieve uniformity with rolled cookies every time, you can purchase rolling guides of different sizes to go onto the ends of your rolling pin, or you can use 1/4″ thick paint sticks to use as guides.  If you want your dough thicker or thinner, you can purchase wooden guides of different thicknesses.


Begin by sprinkling a light coating of flour onto your work surface.


Place half of the cookie dough/disk onto the floured surface and press down slightly.


Lightly roll over the surface of the dough to begin to flatten it.

DSC01123 4

DSC01124 5

Place your rolling guides on either side of the dough.

DSC01126 6

Place your rolling pin on top of both guides and begin rolling the dough back and forth, keeping the rolling pin on top of both wooden guides at all times.

DSC01127 7

DSC01129 8

Gently roll the pin back and forth until the  dough is completely even with the rolling guides.  It is important to keep the pin on top of the wooden guides at all times. You will know when you are finished rolling because the pin  will roll back and forth easily and the cookie dough will not move or flatten any more once you’ve achieved the thickness of the guides.  Lightly flour the pin if it sticks to the dough.

DSC01135 10

Now cut your cookies which will all be the exact thickness!

DSC01144 11