Wattles and Combs

The comb sits on top of the chicken’s head and the wattle hangs beneath the chicken’s bill. They are both soft, fleshy, thick, and made up of  blood-filled capillaries, which accounts for the bright red color.  While they can appear very different, wattles and combs all perform the same basic functions which are vital to … Read moreWattles and Combs

Almond-Vanilla Financiers

A small French cake, similar to a Madeleine that is baked in a small rectangular mold.  Financiers are sweet, tender and moist, and have a distinctive almond flavor.  The basis of the cake is beurre noisette (brown butter), egg whites, sugar, flour, and flavoring.  The browned butter imparts a lovely nutty flavor and crispy edge. … Read moreAlmond-Vanilla Financiers

Rolled Cookies – Ready, Set, Roll!

Whether you are making drop cookies, shaped cookies, or rolled cookies, exact measuring and uniformity in cookie size is critical to successful baking. Many people don’t like to roll cookie dough because they struggle with getting the cookies the same thickness.  If your cookies are all uniform in size and thickness, they will have a … Read moreRolled Cookies – Ready, Set, Roll!