Once upon a time, there was a sad empty nester mom…

Once upon a time, there was a sad empty nester mom…

Once upon a time (one year ago tomorrow), a very sad, empty nester mom became a first-time Chicken Momma to two adorable baby chicks (above), Daphne  and Ella!  A week later, two more – Pearl and Etta (below).

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This was when I was facing my empty nest as my youngest child was preparing to go off to college.  My brain accepted the fact that my child was and should be leaving home, but my heart did not.  Truthfully, my heart was breaking, and I needed a diversion…badly.  Unbeknownst to me, these baby chicks would help heal my heartache and provide many, many hours of entertainment and laughter, all the while giving me something to nurture and keep me quite busy.

My original purpose for getting hens was to have fresh, organic eggs for my favorite hobby – baking.  I was a little concerned that four hens might be a bit much to manage.  A year later, I understand how this endeavor can grow into a “crazy chicken lady” obsession”.   Who knew?  Not me!  I plan on adding to my flock, but will do  so in a calculated manner.  We live on a half acre in a small, historic town in Southeast Texas.    I don’t want to be in a spot where all the girls stop laying at the same time, and be stuck with a full coop and pen, and no eggs all at the same time.  My hens will remain pets and will live out their days with us whether they are laying or not.  So, it makes sense to slowly, over time, integrate additional flock members if you are restricted on space as I am.   I am not patient (enter reasonable, patient spouse, Tom), but I will wait another year or so before adding more chicks.  I have the breeds and names of my next flock members picked out (I haven’t shared that information with the girls yet).  In the meantime, I will send my husband to the feed store during spring when all the baby chicks are arriving because quite frankly, I don’t trust myself!  This is way too much fun!

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  1. forgot you had website,Im enjoying reading,Ill keep coming back now that ive made the journey here finally
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